Mehmet Hassan's Killers Sentenced

Mehmet Hassan's Killers Sentenced

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The final chapter in the murder case of British poker player Mehmet Hassan was written yesterday when a judge sentenced the three people convicted of carrying out the crime.

After finding Leonie Granger, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler guilty of two weeks ago, the judge responsible for sentencing the trio, William Kennedy, made his decision yesterday.

Describing the attack as "pitiless and wicked", Kennedy spared the three criminals any compassion and jailed them for a total of 88 years. Granger, the lone female in the case who made Hassan believe she was in love with him, was believed to be the brains behind the operation and the one who lured the poker player to his death.

Despite her lawyer claiming that she now regretted her actions, the judge was unsympathetic and claimed she had been unsympathetic from the outset and for that he handed down the stiffest sentence possible: 16 years in prison.

As for Jackson and Chandler, the judge was clear that their actions, including how they filmed themselves throwing around £50 notes after killing Hassan, was totally disgusting and something that spoke a "deafening" eloquence about their personalities. Given the brutal nature of their crimes, the judge sentenced both Jackson and Granger to 36 years each in prison.

After reading his verdict, Kennedy called for the trio to be taken straight to prison where they will all now reside for many years to come.

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