Max Silver Releases SnapShove

Max Silver Releases SnapShove

Monday, 15 February 2016

Professional poker player Max Silver has just launched an app for all those who have ever struggled to zero in on the correct range of hands to shove with while deep in a no-limit hold‘em tournament.

Known as SnapShove, the new iOS and Android-friendly app was developed by the Londoner to help players in the heat of battle quickly and accurately determine proper shoving ranges.

Using a perfect ChipEV Nash Equilibrium solution to quickly generate results, SnapShove requires users to plug in specific information including the number of players at a table and their stack size and position alongside the blinds and antes before crunching the numbers to determine a profitable shoving range.

“While playing live, Max noticed there was no easy-to-use poker app with precise information on correct shoving ranges,” read a statement on the app’s website.

“Even top pros can't remember every shoving range and a small mistake can cost your tournament life. Drawing on his poker expertise as well as five years experience working for poker companies, Max decided to fill that gap and set up SnapShove.”

SnapShove is initially being made available for free although users must spend $9.99 to upgrade to ShapShove Pro before being able to utilise all of the app's features, which include access to the full set of ranges, a call mode and unlimited training sessions.

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