Matthias Habernig wins PokerStars LAPT Florianopolis

Matthias Habernig wins PokerStars LAPT Florianopolis

Monday, 9 August 2010

It’s hard to keep up with all the poker tours going on constantly in various areas of the globe – thanks for being so popular, PokerStars.

Hopefully, we can guide you though them all though; the latest of which concluded late last night in Florianopolis, Brazil, for the Latin American Poker Tour.

It took Austrian online player Matthias Habernig less than five hours to despatch the final table and take home a $247,441 first prize, which was unsurprising considering that he began the eight-handed final table with around half the chips in play.

However, despite getting heads-up with Dayan Vandanega holding a monstrous 4:1 chip lead, it wasn’t smooth sailing for the eventual winner in the one-on-one confrontation. Halfway through their duel, Vandanega stole the chip lead before a break. But, after some advice from PokerStars pro Victor Ramdin, Habernig was back on the attack.

Shortly after this, a cold deck set him up with a dominating two pair versus two pair hand – the Austrian bet 650,000 chips on the turn before calling his opponent’s check-raise all-in on a As-7d-Th-Qd board, a near lock to win with Ac-Tc against Ah-7s. Vandanega had outs to split or win but had to settle for second place with a rivered Jd ending the tournament.

The full final table places and payouts were as follows:

1 Matthias Habernig $247,441

2 Dayan Vardanega $143,174

3 Alexandre Richard Martins $87,600

4 Miguel Velasco $64,676

5 Robson Vinicious Kozan $46,246

6 Andre Luiz Scaff $36,974

7 Rodrigo M Scartezini $27,702

8 Rudy Blondeau $18,476

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