Matthew Waxman wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris

Matthew Waxman wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris

Monday, 12 September 2011

Matthew Waxman has won the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris event at the Aviation Club, Paris, becoming the first American to win a European WPT event as well as adding a cool €518,750 in prize money. He arrived at the six-handed final table with an average stack but made short work of his five opponents.

After Martin Jacobson departed in sixth place, Waxman 4-bet all-in on a 9c-7c-4c flop and was called by Mikko Sundell, who held Ad-Kc for the second nut flush draw. Waxman tabled 6c-5c for the flopped flush which held up to ship him a pot of more than 125 big blinds and crush Sundell down to a couple of antes.

Waxman eventually got heads-up with Hugo Lemaire holding a huge chip lead of more than 5-1. Three hands later, it was all over – Lemaire raised and received a call before Waxman check-raised all-in on a Qh-5c-3c board. Lemaire called with Qd-8h while Waxman was hoping for a good turn with the 9c-8c. The turn was a blank but Waxman picked up the ten of clubs on the river, completing his flush and shipping him the tournament.

The full payouts were as follows:
1. Matthew Waxman - €518,750
2. Hugo Lemaire - €311,100
3. Fred Magen - €211,100
4. Byron Kaverman - €155,550
5. Mikko Sundell - €133,330
6. Martin Jacobson - €88,900

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