Matias Ruzzi Wins Estrellas Barcelona

Matias Ruzzi Wins Estrellas Barcelona

Friday, 22 August 2014

It may have only been his first PokerStars Estrellas Poker Tour event, but that didn't stop Matias Ruzzi besting a field of 2,560 players to take down his first live tournament and €198,550.

Although Ruzzi had previously finished 16th in last season's EPT Grand Final, that achievement pales in comparison to winning the largest live freezeout MTT that PokerStars has ever hosted.

Not only that, but in order to lift the trophy the man Argentina had to squeeze his way past a tough field to do it.

Indeed, as the final table got underway it looked as though Canada's Andrew Chen and PKR pro Simon Hemsworth would be the main threats.

However, an early blow for Hemsworth saw him run jacks into aces and lose more than 75% of his stack. With nothing left to do but shove blind, he was eventually dispatched with and sent home in 9th place with a €31,114 consolation prize.

With the UK's only hope now watching from the rail a series of bad beats and lucky escapes served to oust Chen from the finale. The three-time EPT Main Event finalist has failed to convert any of his deep runs into outright wins and that continued last night after he fell in sixth place.

Having ousted Chen, and Corinne Baucher, the lone female at the table, the final four players struck a deal before Ruzzi made his final push for the title.

Despite surrendering the bulk of the prizepool to Russia's Vladislav Donchev, Ruzzi was able to come from behind and collect the title after beating the aforementioned Donchev heads-up.

Following his win, Ruzzi told reporters that he would be celebrating today before coming back to play Day 1B of the EPT Main Event.

Estrellas Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event Final Result:

1. Matias Ruzzi - €198,550*
2. Vladislav Donchev - €278,500*
3. Nir Levi - €188,511*
4. Hakim Guitoun - €178,550*
5. Corinne Baucher - €91,580
6. Andrew Chen - €73,826
7. Daniel Barriocanal - €56,369
8. Bela Toth - €40,849

Image courtesy of Rene Velli @ PokerStars.

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