Matas Cimbolas wins WPT UK

Matas Cimbolas wins WPT UK

Monday, 24 November 2014

He started the final day as the overall leader and, despite a hiccup heads-up, Matas Cimbolas was able to walk away with £200,000 and this year's WPT UK title.

Following a stacked few days of poker inside Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn card room, Lithuania's Cimbolas was able to enter yesterday's finale with a healthy chip lead over the likes of Antoine Saout, Patrick Leonard and Ben Warrington.

That lead was enough to give Cimbolas some time to relax as the chasing pack began to distribute chips among themselves. Indeed, first to fall after moving all-in with trips on a 5s, 6c, Ts, 5h board was the online world's top ranked MTT player, Patrick Leonard. With his chips in the middle and Qc 5c on show, he found himself needing to hit the lone five in the deck after Warrington called to reveal pocket sixes.

Unfortunately for Leonard, the 9c on the river wasn't enough to turn the hand in his favour and he was forced to exit in sixth place to collect £39,500 to add to the £69,000 he won earlier in the festival.

With Leonard watching from the rail it was the turn of Phillip Mighall to falter next and he was quickly followed by Saout and Tamer Kamel. That flurry of eliminations left Warrington and Cimbolas fighting for the trophy and £200,000 top prize.

At this point it was Warrington who held a commanding lead thanks to his elimination of every player thus far. However, despite being 5:1 down, Cimbolas was able to rally himself to victory and, eventually, clinch the title after hi Kd Jh held onto its lead against Warrington's 9s 7s.

With the final pot complete and Warrington counting his £140,000 consolation prize, a jubilant Cimbolas posed for a winner's photo with Mike Sexton before heading off to celebrate his first ever WPT title.

2014 partypoker WPT UK Main Event Result:

1. Matas Cimbolas - £200,000
2. Ben Warrington - £140,000
3. Tamer Kamel - £92,000
4. Antoine Saout - £67,000
5. Phillip Mighall - £48,000
6. Patrick Leonard - £39,500

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