Marty Smyth to sell WSOP bracelet?

Marty Smyth to sell WSOP bracelet?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

2010 was a bad year for Marty Smyth. The former WSOP PLO champion experienced a losing season at the poker tables and enjoyed only marginally more success in the sports betting arena.

Writing on his blog, the Irish pro revealed that he even considered giving up the game completely, “I've gotten fed up with poker on a number of occasions this year and I briefly considered doing a 'Peter Eastgate' and retiring from poker to live off the interest. Unfortunately the interest only works out at about three quid a week so that isn't a realistic option at this moment in time.” At least his sense of humour is still intact.

In one respect, Smyth could follow in the footsteps of Eastgate though, and not just by winning millions in prize money. The Boyle Poker pro is obviously proud of his fantastic WSOP achievement but the jewellery itself? “The bracelet... doesn't really mean much. I'll never wear it and I haven't even looked at it in over a year. I know Peter is a Main Event winner and mine wouldn't fetch anything like the price that his did.”

Smyth confirmed that he won't be selling on eBay but if somebody was to offer him a five-figure sum then he would consider selling it with the proceeds going to children's hospitals in Dublin and Belfast.

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