Martin Finger wins PokerStars EPT Prague and €720,000

Martin Finger wins PokerStars EPT Prague and €720,000

Monday, 12 December 2011

When the final eight reconvened in Prague for the final table of the biggest tournament held in the Czech Republic, it took just four hours for Nicolas Levi to bust in third place and set up a heads-up match between Martin Finger and David Boyaciyan.

However, it turned out to be a rollercoaster heads-up match, lasting as long as the rest of the final table despite a deal being decided early and a 10-second clock! Boyaciyan and Finger chopped it up before heads-up play with €100,000 left on the table and agreed that a 10 second time limit on all decisions would speed things up.

It didn’t. Boyaciyan ground his way up from a 3:1 chip deficit and all the momentum was going his way until he even took the chip lead for one hand. The following hand, Finger forced a fold from him and he was back as a 3:1 dog.

The final hand was a standard coinflip with Boyaciyan calling a 5-bet before the flop holding T-T versus A-K. Two kings on the flop kept things simple and crowned Finger the EPT Prague champion.

The final table payouts were as follows:
1. Martin Finger - €720,000 (after deal)
2. David Boyaciyan - €535,000 (after deal)
3. Nicolas Levi - €270,000
4. Guillem Usero Caverro - €205,000
5. Denys Drobyna - €160,000
6. Ari Engel - €125,000
7. Andreas Wiese - €90,000
8. Mads Wissing - €66,700

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