Marigliano 'LuckExpress' edges Durrrr in Million Dollar Challenge opener

Marigliano 'LuckExpress' edges Durrrr in Million Dollar Challenge opener

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tom Dwan’s live challenge played out its first stage in London yesterday, with durrrr playing Marcello “LuckExpress” Marigliano for 500 hands before they ended the session with Marcello a $22,500 winner.

Marcello ‘luckexpress’ Marigliano took the honours by edging the opening game in the Durrrr Live Million Dollar Challenge at Les Ambassadeurs in Mayfair. After 12 hours of grinding the Italian ended the day with a profit of $22,500 despite winning 44% of pots compared to Dwan’s 55%. Marigliano won the big hands though, hitting a boat and then a higher flush to scoop a couple of large pots.

Dwan was certainly the more aggressive player, raising 84% of his buttons and winning just over half the hands played. However, Marigliano was certainly up to form as a daring $100,000 bluff with king high showed.

Both players seemed satisfied with their performances though. Marigliano said, “In the end, I won a small amount, but I’m happy, though, as I won with bluffs. He raised a lot pre-flop and you have to play tight, but I made some good moves and I’m happy I proved I can play with Tom.”

Durrrr didn’t seem too disheartened, adding, “It was a really aggressive match. There was a time when Marcello folded 20 hands in a row then the next hand he picked up a gutshot and decided to win the $150,000 out there. But he made two really good reads and without either one of them, he ends up down $50,000 or so, but instead he’s up. It was an interesting match – of course I wish I’d won.”

The action continues today with Sammy George in the hot seat.

Also stay tuned for results of the match-up between durrrr and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

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