Marafioti and SrslySirius in Rap Battle

Marafioti and SrslySirius in Rap Battle

Monday, 3 December 2012

In poker it seems to be the case that if you have a gripe with someone you confront them via Twitter and engage in a war of words. Indeed, Matt “adz124" Marafioti is regularly using this method to air his grievances, but this time he seems to have taken his lexical rants one step further.

Obviously having faith in his ability to manipulate and shape words into deadly weapons that can cut the soul, the high stakes pro has launched an attack on "SrslySirius".

After taking offence at a song penned by Mr. Sirius back in August, Matt threw down the gauntlet by asking his foe to drop some beats with him.
Writing on Twitter, Marafioti wrote: "Someone get this pussy @SrslySirius to freestyle me? I already agreed to pay for a first class flight, and put him up at a 5 star hotel!"

"SrslySirius" couldn’t respond in an appropriate way via Twitter so he took to his Facebook account in order to outline his thoughts on the situation:
"I'm not a rapper. Freestyling and battling is not something I do. I'm a white kid that makes videos now and then. LOL at rap battles, getting butt hurt over a song, and issuing challenges to people you've blocked."

It doesn’t appear as though this war of words will go any further than social media sites for now, but if a battle ever goes down it will certainly be something worth watching.

We couldn't have a story about SrslySirius without showing one of his finest efforts. Here's his classic homage to Tony G.

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