Man killed at high stakes home game

Man killed at high stakes home game

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Two men have been shot, one fatally, after allegedly trying to rob a high stakes home game in the US state of North Carolina.

According to police in Raleigh, Brandon Shelton and Brian Olney, who were wearing masks, entered the house and a struggle ensued which resulted in Shelton and Olney both getting shot, Shelton fatally. Olney was arrested and faces an initial trial later today.

The owner of the house that was raided, former minor league baseball player, Gregg Maluchnik, was arrested on a gambling charge.

A neighbour was surprised to hear that poker games were being held at the house. He told radio station WRAL, “I have seen a number of cars, like something was going on," adding that he thought it was an occasional Tupperware party.

Attempted robberies of poker games have a long and not so illustrious history as poker historian and author of Texas Poker Wisdom, Johnny Hughes explains here.

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