Man guilty of stabbing pub game opponent

Man guilty of stabbing pub game opponent

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A London man could face a lengthy spell behind bars after being found guilty of attempted murder after a row at a poker tournament. Christopher Barnaby stabbed opponent, barber Lennox Peart, four times after the game at Battersea's Beaufoy Bar in August last year.

The pair clashed at the table when Barnaby asked Peart why he was taking money off the table when he hadn't bought in. According to the Surrey Comet, Barnaby then told Peart, “I don't want to hurt you barber boy.” The victim laughed off the threat, thinking that Barnaby was just drunk.

When the pair left at around 3am Barnaby went to his car and grabbed knife and chased Peart and stabbed him in the shoulder, back, arm and abdomen. Only the arrival of a taxi driver who offered to drive Peart to hospital ended the attack.

Barnaby will be sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on 31 October.

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