Man Killed After Poker Chip Row

Man Killed After Poker Chip Row

Friday, 3 July 2015

A row over chips ended up with a poker player losing his life following a game at a bar in Minnesota this week.

Ray McCall was shot dead following a small stakes game at a bar in the town of Coon Rapids. According to a report from ABC News, McCall suspected that a fellow player was holding back chips. The opponent denied it but words were exchanged.

After the game was over, the dispute continued in the car park. According to one witness, “We turn to walk away and the next thing I know there's two shots. I turn and look and the man shoots again. And Ray starts walking and doesn't realize he's been shot and he turns he just falls to the ground." The 29-year-old McCall later died in hospital.

“It doesn’t seem right that what was meant to be a friendly poker game led to something like this,” said Coon Rapids Police Chief Brad Wise.

44-year-old Chad Nelson has been arrested on suspicion of second degree murder.

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