Major software update at

Major software update at

Friday, 24 June 2011

The award-winning poker room at Sign up here has had a makeover. The new software upgrade includes a raft of new features including auto top up and default buy-ins for cash game players as well as a new player statistics page offering information on a current cash or tournament session.

The new release also includes a quintet of new emotes as well as a new PKR Lite option for players who can't or don't want to play in 3D.

Leon Walters, Chief Operating Officer commented, “These changes we’ve made, particularly with the default buy-in and auto top-up features, are very much driven by player feedback. These new features, along with many new customer-centric features coming later in the year, really demonstrate PKR's commitment to our core Poker audience.”

Try out the new features with an instant $10 or a play for $800 bonus at Sign up here.

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