Major milestone for Ultimate Poker

Major milestone for Ultimate Poker

Monday, 5 August 2013

It may have taken a while for the first legal US online poker site to make its debut but it hasn't taken Ultimate Poker long to make a big impression. In the space of just 3 months, players at the Nevada site have managed to rack up over 10 million hands.

"It's incredible to be talking about our 10-millionth hand only three months after opening the doors,” said Ultimate Gaming Chief Marketing Officer Joe Versaci. “It gives us a good opportunity to look back at how far we've come and an even better excuse to run a great promotion.”

The milestone 10-millionth hand was played at a 25c/ 50c no limit hold 'em table where 'Stevekelly' added a $5,000 bonus from Ultimate Poker to the $6.85 he won in the pot. The other players at the table also scooped $500 for being a part of the historic hand. All told, Ultimate Poker gave away $23,000 during a series of 21 cash prizes leading up to the 10-millionth hand.

We caught up with the founders of America's newest site. For more on the birth of Ultimate Poker click here.

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