Main Event Success For Lubys Zanas

Main Event Success For Lubys Zanas

Friday, 12 February 2016

The National London stop of the World Poker Tour (WPT) drew to a close earlier this week with Lubys Zanas winning its main event title and £21,500 ($31,254) in cash.

The English player finished the July 2014 edition of this main event in 27th place for a cash prize of £765 ($1,112) but went even better this time out after outlasting 566 others at the Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City in London.

The £100,000 ($145,442) guaranteed partypoker-sponsored main event featured an accumulator format, which meant that competitors could enter up to three times and combine their stacks for the second day of play. But, despite this opportunity, only 20 runners would make it through to the main event’s final session on Sunday evening.

Zanas held 998,000 chips at the start of this final session of play to be comfortably one of the three biggest stacks. But, he had slipped into the middle of the pack by the time the nine-handed final table rolled around.

Nevertheless, he soon managed to find his rhythm and was involved in the back-to-back eliminations of opponents Daiva Baruskaite and Xuan Nguyen in fifth and fourth spots to give himself one foot in the final.

There he faced Mo Zahour, who had eliminated Steve O’Keefe with quad jacks to set the heads-up battle, and it only took a few hands before a champion was crowned.

Finding himself with less than ten big blinds at the 100k/200k level, Zahour moved all-in with 8h 4h and Zanas made a loose call with Th 4c only to find that he was dominating his opponent. A 2d 3h Qs Qc 7s board saw Zanas’ ten-kicker play and eliminate Zahour in second place.

National London Main Event Results:

1 Lubys Zanas - $31,254

2 Mo Zahour - $21,794

3 Steve O’Keefe - $14,002

4 Xuan Nguyen - $10,371

5 Daiva Baruskaite - $7,807

6 Paul Newland - $6,246

7 Sam Macdonald - $5,186

8 Edgar Drozdov - $4,147

9 Chris Kadji - $3,108

Image courtesy of WPT

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