Macau Big Game ready for round two after Aussie Millions?

Macau Big Game ready for round two after Aussie Millions?

Friday, 21 January 2011

According to Tom Hall, the primary source of information last time the big name pros competed for incredible stakes in Macau, the game “has been going quietly for a few weeks” and rumour has it that it will pick up again.

Phil Ivey, John Juanda and Tom “durrrr” Dwan are all in Australia for the Aussie Millions which is just a stone’s throw away (relatively speaking) from Macau, where on their last visit they competed at the dizzying stakes of $50,000/$100,000 HKD (approx $7,000/$14,000 USD). Dwan was meant to be the big winner to the tune of seven or eight figures USD last time around.

Tom Hall had this to say on the Two Plus Two forums: “Everybody [is] flying down to Melbourne for Aussie Millions so it might pick up down there for a while. I played a bit recently in the game, mainly locals, game was nice!! John Juanda stopped by for a few days on the way to Aussie Million, don't think Tom Dwan was in town. A stop off after Aussie Millions by a few of the pros is a definite possibility though.”

Rumour has it that Dwan won upwards of $8m USD in those games on his last outing to Macau while Di “Urindanger” Dang lost over $1.2m. We caught up with Sam Trickett who took home a million quid from Macau.

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