MacPhee unimpressed after San Remo exit

MacPhee unimpressed after San Remo exit

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One of the most interesting hands at the final table of this year's EPT San Remo final table involved Barny Boatman making a seemingly brave call with Q7s to eliminate Kevin MacPhee's nine BB shove with 56o.

MacPhee was unimpressed with Boatman's decision and wasn't shy about voicing his opinion on Twitter, “I fold 30 hands straight down to 530k then shove 9 bbs in the sb and @barnyboatman calls off with Q7s?!? Is this guy fucking retarded?”

The Tweet provoked plenty of comment from the Twittersphere with Boatman himself gracing it with a response. Class act that he is, Boatman wrote, “Hi @KevinMacPhee You gave me a strong tell you were weak, though i may have called anyway. Retarded? If you say so. But no hard feelings eh?”

A good night's sleep seemed to have calmed things down with an apologetic MacPhee writing, “Sorry for my outburst earlier… was steaming super hard Apologies to @BarnyBoatman too… sorry mate!”

The Hendon Mobster accepted the apology saying “No worries @KevinMacPhee You are a great player and ran super bad at the end. I know how that feels (the run bad part.) Let’s have a beer.”

Boatman, who eventually finished in fourth in San Remo for $318,847 has since posted a detailed analysis of the hand in question on the Hendon Mob forum giving his reason's for making the call.

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