Mac release for PokerStars

Mac release for PokerStars

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Non-PC online poker players are rejoicing following the news that PokerStars intends to release a fully compatible Mac version of its software in the near future.

After months of testing via its free-to-play site, PokerStars revealed that the new package is finally refined enough to be taken out of beta and made available for real-money players.

According to a post on 2+2 authored by ‘PokerStars Stefan’, the new update is scheduled to be premiered on various regional sites before hitting the main platform sometime next month.

In addition to the added provisions for Mac users, which will make the site compatible for the Cocoa system, PokerStars stated that its most recent update will additionally feature a selection of re-entry tournaments and some new cards alongside fixes for common issues.

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