MMA Bet Club Unveiled

MMA Bet Club Unveiled

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

As Terrence Chan, George St Pierre and Ultimate Poker founders the Fertitta brothers have shown there's plenty of crossover between poker and Mixed Martial Arts. The latest name from the poker world to throw his hat into the metaphorical MMA ring is Bustout Poker Apparel founder Jeff Griffith who has just announced details of a new game that combines both worlds.

The MMA Bet Club integrates a poker tournament structure with fantasy parlay card style betting on Mixed Martial Arts matches (or other sporting events) and aims to 'limit exposure to potentially negative sports betting behaviour while – crucially – taking away none of the fun and enjoyment'.

Precise details of the new venture are yet to be revealed but it's already caused a stir amongst both the poker and MMA communities.

“Poker and MMA have such a huge crossover market,” said Poker entrepreneur and founder of Bluff Magazine Eric Morris. “The idea of combining the two in a sports betting platform makes perfect business sense! This innovative new fantasy sports game would make a great addition to any gaming site that wants to take full advantage of that crossover.”

Randy Kasper, founder of Poker Players International added, “I see hundreds of business plans every year for poker-related ventures and there are only a handful which are truly unique and have limitless potential. Jeff Griffith certainly has one of those rare opportunities with MMA Bet Club.”

After fours years in development, MMA Bet Club received its patent pending status in September and Griffith is ready to reveal his new creation.

“I poured my heart and soul into the launch presentation - it just had to be perfect! I’m extremely proud of the end result and look forward to the industry feedback.” said Griffith.

Watch this space.

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