Luke Schwartz puts the boot into Premier League rivals

Luke Schwartz puts the boot into Premier League rivals

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A career in the diplomatic service was never really on the cards for Luke Schwartz. Even allowing for his shall we say, prickly, reputation, “_FullFlush_” has really laid into some of his rivals heading into the PartyPoker Premier League.

Poker's pantomime villain had some pretty harsh things to say about pretty much all of his opponents (except bizarrely Daniel Negreanu). He saved his sharpest words for Phil Hellmuth and Tony G though. This is what he had to say:

· Phil Hellmuth all mouth well past it won 20 years ago against the lolest of fields

· Tony G about as much mouth and skill as Hellmuth

· David Benyamine I can feel the equity already in his Hold ‘em leaks

· JC Tran won it last year although field was easy

· Roland de Wolfe any profit he might make will be paid st8 to whoever whipped him at chinnese for the week

· Yevgeniy Timoshenko doesn’t make any mistakes but I think I own him

· Daniel Negreanu total legend prob 2nd favourite after myself of course

· Vanessa Rousso can never tell the difference between her and the girl from American Pie that plays poker too

· Doyle Brunson obv a legend not sure if he can keep up with me but I guess he’ll own Phil and Tony

PartyBets, which has opened a book on this month’s Premier League contest, doesn’t share Schwartz’s bravado rating him only 4th favourite at 8/1. Defending champion JC Tran heads the field at 5/1 followed by Daniel Negreanu at 6/1 and Yevgeniy Timoshenko at 7/1. Roland de Wolfe and Tony G are both at 9/1 with David Benyamine at 10/1 Phil Hellmuth and Vanessa Rousso at 11/1 with Doyle Brunson at 12/1.

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