Luke Schwartz and Andrew Feldman on BBC1

Luke Schwartz and Andrew Feldman on BBC1

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It’s always nice when poker gets on TV, and we’re not just talking about the PartyPoker Premier League or the World Open. On Monday night, Luke “__FullFlush1__” Schwarz and Andrew Feldman appeared on BBC1 show InsideOut talking about the lives of young poker players.

Surprisingly, Schwarz was well-spoken and thoughtful – he was by far the better portrayed, discussing the high life he lived thanks to his poker successes. He was shown driving a sick Bentley and living in a nice place in London.

Feldman, on the other hand, was shown as something of a degenerate – he said he plays up to 80 hours a week, that he was once using Gamblers’ Anonymous after a $100,000 loss and that his mother is concerned for his lifestyle.

The show did well to portray both the highs and lows of poker but it is unfortunate that it finished on such a dark note with Andrew Feldman. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

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