Lukas Berglund wins WPT Spanish Championship

Lukas Berglund wins WPT Spanish Championship

Monday, 30 May 2011

The World Poker Tour crowned its youngest ever champion last night after 18-year-old Lukas Berglund took the honours at the WPT Spanish Championship in Barcelona.

The Swedish high school student started the last day fourth in the chip counts but then proceeded to eliminate all seven final table opponents en route to a €206,000 pay day. Berglund got a big slice of luck early on though. All in with his pocket sevens he came from behind to eliminate Markus Ristola who held AK and long time chip leader Artur Koren who had pocket queens.

The 18-year-old continued his hot streak eliminating Alexander Sidorin in 6th with pocket queens against A5. The Swede rivered a straight to knock out Guillem Usero in fifth before winning a race with AK against pocket tens to send Jorge Duffour to the rail. After eliminating Frederic Bussot's K9 with pocket queens only Romain Matteoli was standing in the way of a Berglund clean sweep.

After 15 minutes of heads up play all the chips hit the middle on a 7-8-4-5 board. Matteoli showed 8-3 for top pair and an inside straight draw. Needless to say Berglund showed the six for the made straight.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1.Lukas Berglund - €260,000
2.Romain Matteoli - €118,000
3.Frederic Bussot - €64,000
4.Jorge Duffour - €47,000
5.Guillem Usero - €40,000
6.Alexander Sidorin- €33,500
7.Artur Koren - €27,000
8.Markus Ristola - €20,200

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