Luca Pagano makes record sixth EPT final table

Luca Pagano makes record sixth EPT final table

Monday, 7 December 2009

Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano, the site’s most famous Italian export after Dario Minieri, has set ElkY-esque records by making his sixth EPT final table – amazingly, this represents almost half of the times he has cashed in EPT tournaments.

“There is no secret,” he told when they asked about his Jason Mercier-like habits of making final tables. “It’s a little bit because of my style of game. I am very solid and I don’t take that many risks. And it’s a little bit because this year we have a new structure with more chips and a lot of play, which is giving solid players like me more opportunity to find the right spots.”

He did admit also that he has been getting lucky, but that’s a given for any successful tournament player on a hot run. Pagano most recently finished 4th in the EPT Warsaw event in October, his second EPT final of 2009 after a 6th place finish in Dortmund.

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