Losing degenerate sues Vegas casinos

Losing degenerate sues Vegas casinos

Thursday, 10 December 2009

You’ve heard tales of fatties suing McDonalds – well, get this. You know when you lose $200 and look at the biggest losers on High Stakes Database to make yourself feel better? Well, this guy is who those guys look to.

Terrance Wantanabe made his fortune by selling his father’s toy firm. And, no doubt with Daddy looking down proudly from the heavens, he proceeded to lose it all in Las Vegas.

The Nebraskan 52-year-old went on a binge in 2007, losing a staggering $127,000,000 (£77,000,000) – the loss was so great it accounted for 5.6% of the total gambling revenues at his chosen casinos, where he wagered a total of $825,000,000.

He is now facing criminal charges for non-payment of debts. However, he has an ace up his sleeve – counter-suing Caesars Palace and Rio casinos for letting him gamble while drunk.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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