London Poker Circuit adds midweek events

London Poker Circuit adds midweek events

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Londoners on the lookout for some decent midweek tournament action could do worse than check out the London Poker Circuit which has added tournaments on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

The Wild Wednesday tournament is £35 freezeout starting at 7.30pm. The field, which is capped at 30-runners, will receive a 5,000 chip starting stack with bonus chip contribution to leaderboard for £1. The Thursday Three event is also a £35 freezeout starting at 7.30pm. Stacks start at 3,000 chips with mixed blinds. Both events are dealer dealt.

These midweek tournaments will complement a weekly schedule that already includes the Friday Night Fight, Saturday Score and Silver Sunday freezeouts. The LPC two-day SuperStack returns this weekend starting on Saturday at 3pm. The monthly event is an £80 freezeout with starting stacks of 30,000 chips and a very generous 40-minute clock.

Tournaments take place at the Kensington Close Hotel, W8.

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