London Poker Championship and Unibet Open set for The Vic

London Poker Championship and Unibet Open set for The Vic

Friday, 19 June 2009

The schedule for next month’s London Poker Championships and Unibet Open has been announced. Highlights include the three-day £2,500 Unibet Open as well as a lesser spotted £100 Pot Limit Dealer’s Choice tournament.

The full schedule is as follows:

6th July - £300 NLH Freezeout
7th July - £100 NLH Rebuy
8th July - £200 NLH Freezeout
9th July - £100 PLO Rebuy
10th July - £100 PLO Hi-Lo Rebuy
11th July - £500 NLH Freezeout - 2 day event
12th July - £300 NLH Freezeout
13th July - £100 PL Dealer's Choice Rebuy
14th July - £200 NLH Rebuy
15th July - £320 NLH Super Satellite to Unibet Open
16th July - £2,500 NLH Unibet Open Day 1a
17th July - £2,500 NLH Unibet Open Day 1b
18th July - Unibet Open Day 2
19th July - Unibet Open Day 3

The VIP room at The Vic will also be hosting a series of Wednesday night sit and goes. The first series of tournaments takes place on Wednesday 24th June with buy ins ranging from £100 to £300. All the sit and goes will be dealer dealt with complimentary champagne and canapés on the opening night.

The Vic has also updated its regular tournament calendar between 22nd June and 31st August. The weekly schedule is as follows:

Mondays - £50 NLH Rebuy - 7.45pm
Tuesdays - £100 NLH Rebuy - 7.45pm
Wednesdays - £30 NLH Rebuy - 7.45pm
Thursdays - £250 NLH Freezeout - 7.45pm
Fridays - £30 NLH Freezeout - 7.45pm
Saturdays - £50 NLH Freezeout - 7.45pm
Sundays - £150 NLH Bounty Freezeout - 6pm

Exceptions to the above schedule are on Monday 27th July, 3rd August & 31st August, when £50 rebuy satellites to the GUKPT will be held. The above schedule will also be altered from 6th - 19th July, when the London Poker Championships Festival and the Unibet Open will take place.

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