London Live offers “kick ass” first prize

London Live offers “kick ass” first prize

Friday, 1 April 2011

The winner of BlackBeltPoker’s London Live tournament, which kicks off today at the Victoria Casino in London, will not only receive the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pool, but also some very special one-to-one tuition, Neil Channing announced yesterday.

Channing has become completely immersed in the noble art of judo since launching two years ago and practises for up to four hours a day; and it’s something he feels has improved his poker game no end.

“In judo you must learn to throw your opponent, while in poker you must learn to throw your cards,” explained Channing. “There are many other parallels, but that’s the only one I can think of at the moment,” he said.
Neil is willing to offer the winner the kind of prize money can’t buy – personal one-to-one judo tuition with a former Irish Open Champion.

Following the tournament, there will be a series of martial arts exhibition matches, pitting Channing against Vic regulars, including Bambos and Pedro. Should Channing be immobilised at any point during a bout – by a strangle or choke hold for example, or perhaps a sharp blow to a pressure point from Pedro – he will concede defeat and his victor will receive a Black Belt goodie bag.

Channing is confident, however, that all the hours spent in the dojo will pay off: “I don’t think anyone in the Vic could be better than 10-1 against me,” he said as his massive in-built odds calculator whirred and hummed. “Even if, like, Jackie Chan came to the Vic.”

Day 1a of London Live kicks off today, April 1st, with day 1b following on Saturday and the final on Sunday. Just remember to pack your nunchucks!

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