LockPoker.com to take legal action against Jose Macedo

LockPoker.com to take legal action against Jose Macedo

Monday, 22 August 2011

As 2011 went, you could have had a better one than Jose 'girah' Macedo. At the beginning of the year, he was the amazing Portuguese poker prodigy who had turned €30 into over a million and was destroying the highest staked heads-up games on European sites before his 18th birthday.

Now he has not only admitted to scamming players in a study group and dragging the names of Haseeb Qureshi and Daniel Cates through the mud but also his former sponsor LockPoker.com has confirmed legal action against him.

“Lock is currently pursuing legal action against Jose so we are unable to make a substantial comment at this time,” said LockPoker.com Room Manager Eric 'Rizen' Lynch in a recent post.

“We do realise that ongoing silence can lead to people jumping to conclusions. What happened goes against the very core of our player-based philosophy and we intend on exercising our legal rights in the most severe degree. We will keep you updated as things progress.”

Though LockPoker.com did not elucidate on the nature of the charges brought against Jose nor a timeline for proceedings, Lynch did elaborate in a follow-up post.

"It’s being filed in the near future," he revealed.

"Once it is, the details of what exactly the purpose is will become clearer. There is still some due diligence that must be done first but I advised it would be better to comment as best we could for now rather than stay silent.

“I was very clear with Lock before we released this statement that it was a bad idea unless we were actually committed to pursuing legal action. Otherwise it would just look like an attempt to avoid commenting.”

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