Local election decided by playing card

Local election decided by playing card

Monday, 10 May 2010

In the aftermath of Thursday's general election there has been plenty of talk in the media about the party leaders metaphorically playing poker. In one local council ward a playing card was actually used to decide the winner.

After four recounts in the Yarmouth North ward, Conservative candidate Bob Peck and Labour's Charlie Madsen were tied on 1,034 votes. Returning officer Richard Packham decided that the only way to find a winner was to get a pack of cards with the person picking the highest card declared the winner.

The Tory candidate drew a lowly 3 leaving the Labour candidate only needing to avoid a four outer for victory. He duly drew a 7 and claimed the seat.

Speaking to Radio Norfolk the winning candidate said, “I got lucky seven to decide the vote that was absolutely tied.” The result left the council tied with Labour and the Conservatives tied with 14 councillors.

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