Van Hoof Blows Larrabe Out of the Water

Monday, 10 November 2014

Van Hoof Blows Larrabe Out of the Water

NN Van Hoof

Jorryt van Hoof opens for 1m with K♣ 10♥ and gets a call from Andoni Larrabe with 9♥ 8♣.

Both players connect with the 10♣ J♥ 9♦ flop and Larrabe calls van Hoof's 1.4m c-bet.

The K♥ turn gave the Dutchman two pair, but Larrabe chose to lead for 3.35m. Van Hoof made the call after some deliberation, before the 7♣ put two potential straights on the board.

Larrabe checked his lower straight and it looked like van Hoof was about to check behind, but instead he opted to shove all in. It was a huge overbet, 17m into a pot of less than 13m, and it was enough to force Larrabe to fold the best hand.

Tags: WSOP, World Series of Poker, November Nine, Andoni Larrabe, Jorryt van Hoof