Seat 3: Jorryt van Hoof

Monday, 10 November 2014

Seat 3: Jorryt van Hoof

NN Van Hoof

Age: 31
From: Netherlands
Pre 2014 Main-Event Career Earnings: $358,580
Chips: 38,375,000 (1/9)

Chip leader Jorryt van Hoof's live career earnings might not match those of Newhouse or Jacobson, but he's certainly no slouch – in fact, he's one of the most experienced players still remaining. Van Hoof has been in the poker industry for years, having been a Red Pro at Full Tilt Poker before breaking away to create, his own poker training site for players in the Netherlands. Playing under the name 'TheCleaner11', he even makes some of his training videos himself; despite these being mostly focused on 6-max PLO cash games rather than tournaments, they are sure to be studied closely by his opponents.

Van Hoof has a significant chip lead over the table, giving him a lot of room to manoeuvre. One brainy bod even calculated that if the nine chopped the prize pool according to ICM, he would get $4.3 million outright. He brings a lot of skills to the table, and could be rewarded handsomely if he plays his big stack with the proper aggression. However, historically only one person who's held the chip lead going into the final table has gone on to win it, so it's all but certain as to whether he'll have what it takes to stay on top.

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