Big One For Newhouse

Monday, 10 November 2014

Big One For Newhouse

Mark Newhouse had dropped a few chips, but now he's back up to third after taking a 13m pot from Andoni Larrabe.

Bruno Politano opened to 900k with 8♦ 7♦ and Newhouse called with two red jacks. Larrabe picked up A♣ Q♥ on the button and squeezed to 2.8m. Politano got out the way but Newhouse came along to the flop.

Newhouse check-called a 2.7m bet on the 3♦ 7♣ 8♥ flop, before it went check-check on the 5♣ turn and the 2♠ river.

The pot takes Newhouse above 27m, pushing Larrabe down to 22m

Tags: WSOP, World Series of Poker, November Nine, Andoni Larrabe, Mark Newhouse