Live Poker Gets Faster

Live Poker Gets Faster

Friday, 7 December 2012

The face of live poker could be about to change thanks to a new, faster, version of the game being trialled at The Aria poker room in Las Vegas.

Multi Action Poker is a game that allows players to play two simultaneous hands, thus, giving them the ability to play more hands per hour – or at least that’s what the game’s inventor wants you to believe.

After creating the game and introducing it to the casino, Timothy Frazin, said: "Any time there's a long decision, the action (for the rest of the table) is going to be a lot quicker".

The dynamics of the Multi Action Poker are basically the same as a normal ring game, but flow in the following way: players have a red and blue spot and they are dealt one hand from the red dealer and another hand from the blue dealer.

The action starts with two hands being dealt simultaneously. However, as players take their time over a decision in one hand, the other hand can progress as normal. This can lead to a new hand being dealt whilst the other is still in progress. Additionally, a player’s stack will be split into two, with half their buy-in being red chips, the other half being blue.

It's certainly an interesting concept, but it's been with scepticism by many players. Regardless, The Aria is pushing on with the project, vowing to offer "anything demand dictates".

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