Where is Luke Schwartz?

Where is Luke Schwartz?

Friday, 9 October 2009

Fresh off a good day in the Poker Million, where he has reportedly amassed 360,000 chips, Luke __FullFlush1__ Schwartz is holding up his Round 2 opponent Lex Veldhuis at the PKR Heads-Up Grand Slam Event, as everybody awaits his arrival here at Mills Studio. Hmmmm…. I wonder what he is doing?


1) Scared that food ( in particular sandwiches) might not be free here at the studio, he may have nipped off for a quick Maccy D’s.

2) On his way over here in the taxi he saw an old lady fall over on the side of the street and he ordered the taxi to stop whilst he helps her up and escorts her home.

3) He got a phone call from durrrr - who asked if he wanted to go to the ballet with him.

4) His hat blew off in the wind and got run over by a London bus. Obviously this would be too much to take and he would have to postpone the heads-up until he has had enough time to mourn.

Oh wait a minute...he has just arrived. His excuse? ‘I just been stuck in two hours of traffic because the tomtom took us the wrong way’

Oh. Not as interesting as we’d hoped. But what did he do to kill the time?

‘I smoked’ he says to Kara – before she is ordered by the man in her ear piece to restart the interview as they don’t like the smoking part. Ha. Nice

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