Liv’s Urban Charity Climb

Liv’s Urban Charity Climb

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Liv Boeree might be used to ascending the ranks of the poker world but on March 5th she’ll be climbing a whole new set of steps.

As part of an all-star team, Liv will join PokerStars pro George Danzer, Joao Nunes and Henrique Pinho to take part in a charity climb.

Dubbed the “Vertical Rush”, the team of poker players will be running up London’s Tower 42 in aid of Shelter, a UK charity helping people with housing issues.

Along with 1,500 other plucky runners, Liv and the team will have to race up the building’s 920 steps as quickly as possible.

In the coming days a video of the team preparing for the run has been promised, as well as a way for members of the community to join the action.

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