Liv Loving Life

Liv Loving Life

Monday, 22 October 2012

Since learning the game on TV and making a name for herself in the poker world, Liv Boeree has been living the high life. Indeed, the British pro has become one of the game’s most prominent figures both inside and outside the industry.

Now driving fast cars, sipping champagne and contesting tournaments across the world, Liv undoubtedly loves her life and in a new TV show we get to see just how much she is.

Entitled “I Bet My Life”, the show features Liv and boyfriend Kevin MacPhee as they travel to Monaco to play the EPT Grand Final.
A preview has emerged online and if the trailer is anything to go by the full programme will be a mix of chips, gambling and balla parties.
Set to air on the Travel Channel on November 4th, you’ll no doubt be able to catch the show online very soon after.

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