Liv Boeree wins Womens’ Sunday for $2,300

Liv Boeree wins Womens’ Sunday for $2,300

Monday, 22 August 2011

Usually a $50 tournament with a first prize of $2,300 wouldn’t make headlines on our site (not that we’re elitist or anything) unless one of the editorial staff won it in which case you’d be reading about nothing but for weeks (features editor Philip Conneller still wants to write about his PKR Live victory every day).

In this case, however, we’re making an exception because the Womens’ Sunday has become as much of a flagship event for the internally-genitaled players as any other Sunday tournament despite the smaller buy-in and prize pool.

Yesterday saw 227 women compete for a prize pool of more than $11,000 with a former champion and a PokerStars Pro making the final table.

The prettiest EPT champion this side of Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree was making her way deep into the tournament and keeping her $50 bounty firmly on top of her head. Attempts to score it failed and she wound up at the final table in fourth place of the final nine ladies.

She began the final well by eliminating the first player with JJ versus 77 and then making two pair against a counterfeited two pair to knock out the seventh-placed finisher. Shortly after that she won with J7 versus A5 in a battle of the blinds to eliminate the sixth-placed finisher. Four-handed, Boeree wound up with the shortest stack but managed to double through with AK versus Q5 and then eliminated her opponent the next hand in order to take the chip lead back and knock out the third-placed player.

This left Boeree heads-up against 'ScarltJohnsn', who probably isn’t actually Scarlet Johannson but it would be fun if she were. The final hand saw Boeree gladly four-bet the flop with A2 and be called by AK. Did I mention that the flop was 2-2-J? This locked up $2,321.18 for Boeree plus her own $50 bounty.

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