Liv Boeree's Election Manifesto

Liv Boeree's Election Manifesto

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What would be on Liv Boeree's to do list if she was Prime Minister? Rational thinking on the National Curriculum for starters.

The former EPT San Remo winner revealed what she'd most like to do as part of the “If I Were Prime Minister...” series in The Independent newspaper.

“So if I were Prime Minister, I would make classes in rational decision-making a compulsory part of the national curriculum,” Liv wrote. “Too little focus is given in mainstream education on how to make sound decisions, and the various cognitive biases (ie illogical deviations from rational thought) that we all regularly fall victim to. As a poker player I've learned the hard way that poor decision making, be it from ego, stubbornness or superstition, can be costly both financially and emotionally.”

The PokerStars pro gave examples ranging from the abolition of slavery and women's suffrage through to climate change as areas where rational thinking could have proved beneficial in the past and in present day politics.

“If rational thinking was taught comprehensively from an early age, then we would create a generation of voters more equipped to evaluate both personal and political issues, and thus vote in similarly rationally minded politicians able to act in the most effective way for their people and the generations to come,” Liv added.

With the likes of Dan Bilzerian often dominating the mainstream media's impression of poker players it's good to read such a thoughtful piece from one of the game's top names.

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