Liv Boeree Joins The Freaks

Liv Boeree Joins The Freaks

Friday, 21 March 2014

Liv Boeree will be showing off her powers of mind control next month by appearing in a new television programme for the Discovery Channel.

Having been at the top of the game for a number of years, Boeree has built up an impressive bank of skills when it comes to psychology and reading people and she'll be putting these to good use in show being dubbed The Mind Control Freaks.

Working alongside a bevy of psychology experts including Alexis Conran from The Real Hustle, Boeree will help to create a range of scenarios in an attempt to fuse ‘science, psychology and trickery in an all-new format’.

Joining them will be hypnotist Lewis Le Val and sleight of hand expert Pete Wardell in a mission to use a number of mind control tricks in order to dupe a selection of participants.

The show will feature a number of tricks, from hypnosis and peer pressure to obedience and conformity, with the aim of creating both entertainment and intrigue. The Mind Control Freaks will air on the Discovery Channel this April and feature a total of ten 30-minute episodes.

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