Liv Boeree Amongst Leaders in UKIPT Edinburgh Finale

Liv Boeree Amongst Leaders in UKIPT Edinburgh Finale

Monday, 20 January 2014

Liv Boeree will be amongst the final few vying for UKIPT Edinburgh success today but when the betting starts she won't be the player in charge.

Thanks to a storming penultimate session, Jason Beazley will start today's final table with a narrow chip lead over PokerStars' femme fatale.

Sunday's session was brought to a close after Beazley burst the final table bubble with the elimination of Jon Lundy. Despite starting the day with the chip lead, Lundy was compelled to commit his stack with As Ks as Day 3 wore on. After moving all-in for 450,000 chips, Lundy found himself up against Beazley's pocket jacks and as the board ran out Td 9d 7h 4s 7c he found himself out of chips and heading for the rail.

As Lundy consoled himself with an £8,830 consolation prize, the remaining eight players bagged and tagged their chips ahead of today's final session.

With £93,900 and a championship trophy on offer up top, the pressure will be on those with short stacks to catch the two chip leaders when play gets underway. However, with the likes of Michael Kane, Tomasz Raniszewski and Jacobus Visser all still in contention, it's likely that Beazley and Boeree won't have things all their own way.

£1,100 UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event Chip Counts:
Jason Beazley, United Kingdom - 2,300,000
Liv Boeree, United Kingdom - 2,229,000
Dean Hutchinson, United Kingdom - 1,290,000
Eldon Orr, Northern Ireland - 1,136,000
Michael Kane, United Kingdom - 505,000
Tomasz Raniszewski, Poland - 490,000
Ciaran Heaney, Ireland - 363,000
Jacobus Visser, Netherlands - 265,000

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