Lithuanian wins MicroMillions V main event

Lithuanian wins MicroMillions V main event

Monday, 29 July 2013

The latest incarnation of the MicroMillions online poker series from PokerStars came to a conclusion yesterday and one player from Lithuania is celebrating after taking down the main event for over $160,000 in cash.

MicroMillions V kicked off on July 18 and featured a total guarantee of at least five million dollars spread over 100 tournaments including the $22 buy-in no-limit hold‘em main event, which promised a minimum of one million dollars.

The MicroMillions V main event brought grinders from across the site with an impressive field of 59,213 ready to take part by the time registration had closed, which meant that the total prize pool had been pushed past $1.18 million.

With enough cash on offer to tempt both micro grinders and professional players, the action saw a host of specialists shoot for the top but many of these had fallen by the wayside as the masses generated a veritable chip storm. By the time the bubble had burst, just two members of PokerStars’ sponsored team, Richard Toth and Martin Hruby, had made it into the top 7,920.

As the final table beckoned, there were just a few chips separating players ‘lacostae’ and ‘stygher’ from the top of the heap. But, it was the latter from Lithuania who came to dominate as the finale unfolded and the top prize glinted in the distance.

Although ‘lacostae’ was able to cling on until just four players remained, the Colombian ultimately relinquished his grip on the title after his As 8h was no good against the Js 7c of competitor ‘S3XXYMUCK’.

At this point in the match, ‘stygher’ had fallen behind ‘S3XXYMUCK’ in the rankings but the Lithuanian was able to edge back into contention after taking out ‘MarieKen2112’ in third.

The absence of a deal made for compelling viewing and after jousting for 37 hands it was ‘stygher’ who scooped the title and $160,726 when his As Jc avoided any upsets against the Ah 6d of ‘S3XXYMUCK’.

Final results from MicroMillions V main event ($22 buy-in no-limit hold‘em):

1 ‘stygher’ (Lithuania) $160,726

2 ‘S3XXYMUCK’ (Hungary) $117,715

3 ‘MarieKen2112’ (Belgium) $80,340

4 ‘lacostae’ (Colombia) $53,552

5 ‘Legato’ (Sweden) $34,805

6 ‘Ramedium’ (Brazil) $21,411

7 ‘Mau9999’ (Argentina) $13,382

8 ‘toril274’ (Russia) $8,041

9 ‘Scrach face’ (Argentina) $5,352

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