Lindgren Continues Hot streak with a Bracelet

Lindgren Continues Hot streak with a Bracelet

Friday, 21 June 2013

Erick Lindgren has moved another step closer to clearing his debts in the poker world after he bagged his second WSOP bracelet earlier today.

Having made it deep in Event #32, Edog managed to make it past a tough final table to scoop a top prize of $606,317. Although many members of the community would have preferred to see Lindgren fall short of the finale, there’s no denying that his recent run has shown he’s still one of the game’s best players.

Indeed, since finishing second in the WPT World Championships for $650,275, Lindgren has cashed five times at this year’s Series, including his most recent win.

Today’s session was finally brought to a close after Lindgren limped on the button against Lee Markholt and watched as the flop rolled out: 9d Js As. After Markholt led out for 110,000, Lindgren upped the ante to 275,000 before Markholt moved his entire stack in.

When the cards were revealed Markholt was left shaking his head after his Jh 9c was well behind Lindgren’s set of aces. With that the dealer laid out the 7s and 5h on the turn and river before pushing the final pot, and the bracelet, towards Lindgren.

Whilst Lindgren was working to redress his debts, Michael Gathy was sprinting past the likes of Jake Cody and Jason Duval on the final table of the $1,000 Turbo event.

Having whittled down over 1,600 in two sessions, Gathy was able to clinch his second WSOP bracelet after beating Benjamin Reason heads-up.

Event #32 Final Result:
1 Erick Lindgren $606,317
2 Lee Markholt $374,960
3 Jonathan Little $238,833
4 Connor Drinan $157,274
5 Vasile Buboi $106,830
6 Ryan D'Angelo $74,768
7 Andrew Robl $53,863
8 Craig Fishman $53,863
9 Allen Bari $39,918

Event #34 Final Result:
1 Michael Gathy $278,613
2 Benjamin Reason $172,252
3 Yueqi Zhu $113,358
4 Sergey Rybachenko $81,720
5 Daniel Bishop $59,816
6 Jason Duval $44,422
7 Jake Cody $33,456
8 Noah Vaillancourt $25,539
9 Russell Crane $19,748

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