Lifetime ban for ‘Jama-dharma’

Lifetime ban for ‘Jama-dharma’

Monday, 15 July 2013

Following a number of complaints concerning the practice of ‘buttoning’, an online high-stakes poker player known by the pseudonym ‘Jama-dharma’ has been hit with a lifetime ban by PokerStars.

For those unsure what ‘buttoning’ entails, the practice involves a player sitting at an empty table and waiting for it to fill before quitting in advance of the big blinds.

This process essentially means that offending players are able to compete for free as they never pay the mandatory antes in a game.

According to reports, ‘Jama-dharma’ did this a number of times at fixed-limit tables featuring stakes of $10/$20 and above.

Despite a written warning from PokerStars, the online pro continued to angle-shoot his opponents but has now been banned from the site for good. Although ‘Jama-dharma’ will be able to withdraw their bankroll, they will never be able to ply their trade at the world’s largest online poker site.

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