Lichtenberger Wins WPT Alpha8 Vegas

Lichtenberger Wins WPT Alpha8 Vegas

Monday, 22 December 2014

Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger became the latest WPT Alpha8 Champion over the weekend, but when the betting was done it wasn't just his $2 million score that made the headlines.

Despite beating some of the top tournament players in the world to complete yet another memorable victory, it was Lichtenberger's appearance that had most people talking.

Following a somewhat unflattering shot of him dressed in a green hoodie with long hair and a beard, some unkind calls of "homeless man wins WPT" seemed to ring out across the internet.

Although done in jest, the assessments of the American's attire certainly weren't flattering. On the final table Lichtenberger was able to see of the likes of Bryn Kenny and Brian Rast before beating Tom Marchese heads-up for the title.

However, the dishevelled look he sported as the confetti fell called into question the appearance of pros at a final table. Although poker players have never really been the most fashionable group of players, the scruffy look probably isn't something the WPT wants to portray on televised broadcasts of what's supposed to be an elite tournament.

Will Lichtenberger return to claim another WPT Alpha8 title in the New Year sans beard and hair? A lot of people certainly hope so.

WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas Result:

1. Andrew Lichtenberger - $2,104,245
2. Tom Marchese - $1,240,965
3. Brian Rast - $755,370
4. Noah Schwartz - $539,550
5. Jason Les - $431,640
6. Bryn Kenney - $323,730

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