Lex is Live

Lex is Live

Friday, 2 November 2012

Lex Veldhuis has been busy over the past few months putting the finishing touches on his new website. While he probably hasn’t had a hand in any of the hard coding, he has been contributing to the look and feel of the online portal.

The Dutchman announced the launch of his site yesterday via Twitter and directed people to his latest blog post which tackles his recent love/hate relationship with tournament poker. More noted for his cash game prowess, Lex has struggled to match his ring game potential in MTTs, leading to some frustrating performances.

Struggling to understand why he had such a negative block when it came to tournaments he decided to employ mental game guru Jared Tendler to help work through his problems. Upon assessing the problems, Jared finally guided Lex to an answer:

“I realized that most of my frustration with tournaments isn’t because I hate them so much, it’s because I have a lot of regret how I played in some of them and a lot of accumulated tilt from going deep but being unlucky. The regret comes from tournaments where I played overly aggressive, didn’t adjust to my image, played too high variance or played a bad short stack.”

The revelation is something that Lex is now looking to work on as he embarks on a 20 tournament streak, starting with the Masters Classic in Amsterdam tomorrow.

The new website isn’t just a place for Lex to muse. Indeed, with pictures, videos, details of his charity work and a place for strategy tips, it’s a complete virtual projection of his life both on and off the felt.

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