Leo Boxell wins APPT Melbourne Main Event for AUD $330,000 (£220,000)

Leo Boxell wins APPT Melbourne Main Event for AUD $330,000 (£220,000)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

We may have an Aussie Dolly on our hands – 69-year-old Leo Boxell has become the latest champion of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour Main Event in Melbourne, defeating a field of 260 runners to take the lion’s share of the AUD $1.2m prize pool.

After winning, Boxell thanked the Crown Casino, PokerStars and all his fans on the rail before giving his commiserations to runner-up Phillip Willcocks, a “very aggressive young fellow from New Zealand.” Boxell congratulated him on his runner-up finish (worth AUD $207,000) and predicted more big wins for the Auckland pro.

The heads-up match lasted for almost two hours before Boxell tank-called the river of a 2-Q-6-4-J board with 4-2, which was good against Willcock’s J-T and sent him the tournament. Willcocks received over $200,000 AUD for his runner-up finish; the full final table payouts were as follows:

1. Leo Boxell $330,000
2. Phil Willcocks $207,600
3. Steve Bouya $116,000
4. Will Jones $88,600
5. Van Marcus $73,300
6. Michael Frydman $58,000
7. Eddie Mascardi $45,800
8. Jackson Zheng $36,700
9. Julius Colman $27,500

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