Leicester's Vardy in Poker Race Row

Leicester's Vardy in Poker Race Row

Monday, 10 August 2015

Jamie Vardy, the £45,000-a-week Leicester City footballer, has been wrapped on the knuckles after calling out racial slurs during a poker game. After sitting down for a cash game inside Leicester's casino, Vardy reportedly became enraged by an Asian gentleman in the game who was allegedly looking at his cards.

Although the man denied the actions, Vardy was captured on CCTV calling out to the man and telling him to leave the casino. In footage published by The Sun, Vardy is alleged to have said:

"Jap. Yo Jap. Walk on. Walk on...oi, walk on. Yeah you... Jap. Walk on."

Following the incident, both men left the poker game, but Vardy was later reminded of his actions after tapes of the argument went public. Contacted by the anti-racism group, Kick It Out, Vardy and Leicester City were asked to make a public statement.

Stating that the action of high profile footballers can impact on "millions of fans", Kick It Out pushed for an apology from Vardy. After reviewing the tape, Vardy issued a statement which read:

"It was a regrettable error in judgement I take full responsibility for and I accept my behaviour was not up to what's expected of me."

Leicester City are now investigating the incident and officials have said that it will reserve judgement until a full review has been completed.

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