Lederer to appear on 2+2 Pokercast

Lederer to appear on 2+2 Pokercast

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Following on from The Lederer Files, his extensive interview with PokerNews, Howard Lederer will feature on the TwoPlusTwo Pokercast later today.

“We have a unique opportunity to ask Howard what the community wants answered," said host Adam Schwartz, "Let's take advantage."

In addition to being quizzed by Schwartz and co-host Mike Johnson, Lederer will also be facing questions posed by 2+2 community members via a thread on the forum. The show is set to be recorded later today so if you've got a question you'd better get it in quickly.

The show will be available to download from the iTunes store from tomorrow.

The latest interviews come in the wake of the so called Lederer Files which appeared on PokerNews.com last week.

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