Lederer Uncovered

Lederer Uncovered

Monday, 15 October 2012

Howard Lederer’s version of events received another examination over the weekend as Diamond Flush released the fifth instalment of her series of revelations.

The latest article in her collection entitled: The Distortion of Truth in the Lederer Files, reveals more information regarding Howard’s alleged knowledge of the discrepancy between player deposits and money held by the company.

Aside from noting Howard’s “large sigh” during questioning from Matthew Parvis on the subject, Howard admitted to be being “surprised by the fact that only $10 million of the backlog money was still sitting in players' accounts”.

This admission that they were surprised to see on a $10 million backlog suggests that Howard and other senior figures at Full Tilt were aware that player deposits were being collected despite the money not being collected from their accounts.

Indeed, this information leads Diamond Flush to conclude that Howard and Chris Ferguson were actually fully aware of the company’s financial state, something which suggests Howard’s claims that “he didn’t know” are false.
The article goes on to discuss the seizure of Full Tilt’s domain name and further investigation of the financial irregularities that were taking place before Black Friday.

The article concludes by taking Lederer’s claims that “some owners did not have that [the repayment of players] as a first priority, that’s what it felt like to me. I believe a lot of owners felt it was very important that whatever deal we strike is a really profitable one for us, for the owners”.
This statement will form the basis of her next article when she will be addressing how Full Tilt broke the news to its owners and potential investors once the Black Friday shutdown had occurred.

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